About Boerne Professional Artists (BPA)

Boerne Professional Artists was organized over 15 years ago to help establish Boerne as an art destination city which will attract visitors to shop our galleries and businesses, eat at our restaurants, and stay at our hotels and bed and breakfasts. As a partner of Hill Country Council of the Arts, it produces art show venues in Boerne and has grown to over 50 members.

Our Vision

Boerne Professional Artists, (BPA), is an association recognized by business, by art associations and by communities as being a premier visual arts organization that is dedicated to the growth of high quality visual art and the success of its members.

Our Mission

The mission of  BPA is to bring artists together in support of one another, in finding opportunities for artists and galleries to grow and be successful, and in demonstrating to business and community the value of visual art and its institutions.  This will be achieved through the unqualified commitment of our members.

Our Goals

Presenting Opportunities to BPA Membership

  1.    Support through Marketing and Sales

                    Promote art and members through Social Media opportunities

                    Organize with member participation Art Shows and Art Exhibits.

                    Participate with other arts organizations in their shows and exhibits.

     2.    Increase Art Involvement Opportunities
                   Establish a network among artists in BPA and other art organizations
                   Share in reaching common goals with Art Museums and other art organizations
                   Demonstrate the quality of visual arts that is produced by BPA artists.
                   Demonstrate the business acumen of BPA in helping other organizations in shows, etc.


Supporting the Community and Business in Art

    1.   Work with new and emerging artists
                  Participate in School and other art programs
                  Do demonstrations/presentations at business and community organizations
                  Create apprentice level participation in BPA.
                  Be involved in community events in order to promote visual arts and the BPA organization

    2.   Conduct educational events
                 Offer classes and workshops
                 Do demonstrations of art and techniques
                 Use social media to inform and educate