​​​​Boerne Professional Artists​​​​

                                      Call to Artists

                                                                              BPA 2017 Texas Hill Country
                                        Fall Fine Art Show and Sale

                                                                                    Boerne Professional Artists (BPA)
                                                                                     will host their premier
                                                                     2017 Texas Hill Country Fall Fine Art Show and Sale
                                                           In the Cana Ballroom of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, Boerne
                                                                                      October 20-22, 2017
BPA members and invited guest artists from the Hill Country, Coastal Bend and surrounding regions will participate. It promises to be the largest in the 15-year history of this special fall event. Additional details can be found at: www.boerneprofessionalartists.com

Registration process and calendar:
Registration and payment can be made at

Boerne Professional Artists Members - $250 registration fee.
Non-member Artists - $40 non-refundable jury fee + $350 registration fee.
       If you are not accepted to the show, BPA/HCCA will refund your $350
       registration fee.
Member endorsed non-member artists - $350 registration fee, jury fee for
       show waived.

 Registration begins:
Registration and payment for BPA members begins now;
Registration for previously invited guest artists begins June 1, 2017.
Registration for new invited artists and artists from invited Hill Country area art
   leagues will begin June 15, 2017.

Acceptance into the Texas Hill Country Invitational will be based on the following criteria:
   1. To all BPA members,
   2. To previously invited guest artists.
   3. BPA new member-endorsed artists and artists from invited Hill Country
      area art leagues will be considered on a space-available basis.

 Notification of Acceptance:
All non-BPA artists accepted to the show will be notified on or before August 15. Entry fees will be refunded in the case of non-acceptance.

 Application Form Link is below:
   * BPA Members
   * Previously Invited Artists  
   * New BPA Member-Endorsed Artists
   * All others please send inquiries to the event manager: Kathleen McBride at: kathleen.mcb@gmail.com

Friday, October 20, 2017
8 -12am: Set up art panels, lighting, and tables.
           All participating artists are expected to help with set-up and tear-down or provide a “helper” to take their place.
This is a job that all participants benefit from, and the more hands we have to help, the lighter the workload is for us all.

Hanging can begin when the set-up is complete and must be finished by 5:00pm.  Please unload your vehicle and move it immediately to a parking place away from the drop-off area. Make room for your fellow artists to unload. It’s always a good idea to pre-plan your space. This will expedite your limited set-up time.

Friday, October 20, 2017
6 - 9pm OPENING NIGHT: “Sponsor Appreciation Night 
This will be the only evening event this year.  

Saturday, October 21, 2017
10am - 5pm
NO food will be served on this day. (No coffee or water, so please bring your
own). We’re working on getting a food truck. We’ll update you with this info
as it develops.

 Sunday, October 21, 2017
10am - 3pm
NO food or drink will be served on this day. (No coffee or water, so please bring your own).
No work can be taken down before 3pm or before the traffic has stopped.
Please remove your work when given the go-ahead and return to help with
tear-down. This process takes less than two hours and is easy with lots of help.  
3pm - Everyone must assist in breaking down the show and loading panels and lighting in/on the trailers.


 2-D Hanging Artists

   * Again, this year we will be offering four panels for hanging work, 12 linear feet of hanging space in an equal-sided, right angle configuration.  
   * Velcro hangers and lighting will be provided.  

    * Artwork and tables MUST NOT extend beyond the panels.  

   * If your work is heavy and not secure using the velcro hangers, please bring attractive alternative hangers that will work with the panels.             Check out www.propanels.com. They have a nice cable set up that works well.  

3-D Artists

   * Tables are available if needed. The allotted space will be 36 sq. ft. Configurations will vary, but we will work to accommodate your needs.           You are welcome to bring your own display to give yourself more vertical space.

   * Panels will NOT be available to 3D artists.

    * Tablecloths to cover tables must be BLACK.  We are unable to provide cloths this year.  

Notes for All Artists

Floor easels, print bins and note cards are not allowed.

No work, with the exception of large bronze sculpture, may be placed on the floor.

All work must be for sale.

Artists may bring one small table (TV tray size) covered with a black cloth to
hold business cards, sales book, flowers, etc.  Wrapping supplies should be
kept under the table and out of sight.   

 Each artist will be provided a chair.

 A few sculpture stands are available for artists displaying sculpture along
with their 2-D work. Please note your desire to have one or more on your registration form. This will also be on an availability basis with priority going
to 3-D sculptures.

The majority of art shown must be ORIGINAL work by the artist. One-third of the artist’s work may be fine quality reproductions. All reproductions must be clearly labeled as “REPRODUCTION” or “PRINT”. You may use the word “GICLEE” but also include the word “REPRODUCTION” or “PRINT” on the price tag. We don’t want to mislead any of our patrons.

 In the case of photography, most of the art needs to be low-numbered,
limited-edition prints.

Invited artists may display only one kind of art (framed art, sculpture, clay art, jewelry, textiles, glass art, etc.).

 Artists are responsible for selling and promoting their own art. All sales are to
be handled by the artist. Artists needs to be present during the majority of the show and should make arrangements for a representative when they are not
in attendance.

 Please eat your lunch on the lovely patio area just outside the Ballroom. Ask
your “neighbor” artist to please watch your space and offer to do the same
for him or her.

No “Show Special” or “Sunday Discounts” signs will be allowed. You may negotiate any price you want but only on an individual basis.  

                                                                                      And finally…

                                                                               In all matters regarding the
                                                                  Texas Hill Country Fall Fine Art Show and Sale,
                                                                       the event manager’s decision will be final.

                                                                                Event Manager/Coordinator:
                                                                                       Kathleen McBride